Real Estate

Real Estate

Property owners of single buildings or large portfolios need to mitigate loss and satisfy multiple stakeholders. Our dedicated focus on analytics maximizes the positive attributes of your portfolio as it stands today and positions us to anticipate challenges in the future. Our risk profile findings translate into solutions to reduce cost. A customized service platform assures that the “blocking and tackling” is done right the first time. Our team of real estate experts will help you create a customized plan for managing risk with cost-effective coverage.

What to Expect

Successfully managing risk by identifying and controlling potential sources of loss is the most effective strategy to protect and grow your business and to reduce insurance expense and other components of your total cost of risk. As your advisor, advocate and partner in this process, our experienced team of real estate and property specialists will identify the risks you face and recommend strategies to minimize, mitigate, eliminate or transfer them. When risk transfer via insurance is the answer, we will deliver comprehensive, cost-effective, leading-edge products and services from the world’s top insurance companies and specialty carriers. We will develop a deep and detailed knowledge of your business, which allows us to represent you most intelligently and aggressively in the marketplace.

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Products & Services

  • Property and liability insurance
  • Umbrella/excess liability
  • Group purchasing programs
  • Building ordinance and law compliance
  • Terrorism insurance
  • Environmental protection
  • Professional errors and omissions coverage
  • Partnership liability protection
  • Employee and tenant discrimination insurance, including ADA violations coverage
  • Owner-controlled insurance programs (Wrap)
  • Earthquake/flood