Public liability insurance


Public liability insurance

If you run a business, anyone can issue proceedings against you. Public liability insurance guards against claims that can cause stress and cost you time and money. We can cover you for up to £10 million in legal costs, compensation and expenses.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability is a form of business insurance designed to cover compensation or legal costs if members of the public or customers claim they have experienced personal injury or damage to their property as a result of your work.

Whether an incident happens on your premises or as a result of employees being out-and-about, public liability insurance helps to shield your business against unforeseen costs.

Even when you do everything right, accidents happen. Any business can face compensation claims and related legal fees, whether you’re a freelance individual or own a small business – but, with the right cover, your venture is protected.

What does public liability cover do?

Insurance for public liability covers you against legal fees and compensation payments if a client or member of the public were to make a claim against your business.

The situation might involve damage to property. For instance, you could be in the middle of a cleaning job and use the wrong chemicals, damaging antique furniture. Or during a visit to your client’s office, your exuberant presentation style could result in accidentally knocking over a computer.

Alternatively, the circumstances might centre around an injury. In retail environments, the potential risks include customers slipping on wet flooring or even the collapse of a shelving unit.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll ensure you’re prepared for all eventualities. We can’t take away the headache of a claim, but even if you’re not at fault, we’ll help to cover your costs.